Kunwar Haribansh singh college of Pharmacy

Rules & Regulations

  1. There should be compulsory attendence of 75% of working days of the acdmic session of the college, otherwise the student should be ristricted from the exam.
  2. Smoking, drinking alcohol, having drugs and use of any type of weapon is strictly prohibited in the institute.
  3. No student will absent without written leave application duly approved by the principal / HOD.
  4. The Institute does not accept the responsibility for loss of books, money, mobile other personal items of student.
  5. The principal / Secretary Reserves the reserves to take any disciplinary action, from warning to expulsion from the institute.
  6. All transactions laeding to any dispute shall be subject to court, jurisdiction at Lucknow. Every student is urged to contribute to the value & standards of the institute by his conduct, discipline and behaviors.
  7. It is presumed that at the time of submission of the admission form, all the rules, regulation and conditions are read and accepted by the candidate and his /her parent/guardians.